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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Pennsylvania

In April 2016, medical marijuana doctors in Pennsylvania became the 24th set of physicians to get permission to dispense medical cannabis. As of July 2017, physicians can complete the Practitioner Registry to participate in the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program. This is great news for patients in Pennsylvania suffering from qualifying medical conditions, which include:

The next step is to obtain medical marijuana, but how does one go about doing that?

As of now, there are currently three medical marijuana dispensaries in Pennsylvania — two in Philadelphia and one in Allentown, PA. Per the state’s Department of Health, Pennsylvania reviews a number of factors when determining where the dispensaries are and where they will be located across the state, including:

  • The location of patients
  • The number of patients with qualifying medical conditions
  • The ability for these patients to access public transportation

Navigating Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Laws

If you have one of the qualifying medical conditions, you will need to obtain a doctor’s certification to apply for access to the medical cannabis program in the state’s Department of Health. If accepted, you — and your caregiver, if applicable — will receive an identification card that will allow you both to access medical marijuana at a state-sanctioned dispensary. This card can also protect you from trouble with law enforcement if you are found to be carrying above the legal limit of marijuana during an unrelated incident.

This all sounds great, but you still may be wondering how you find a medical marijuana doctor in Pennsylvania who can provide you with the correct documentation.

Pennsylvania marijuana doctors first have to register themselves with the Department of Health, which requires taking a four-hour course developed by the agency. Then, they need to draft certifications for qualifying patients that certify the patient can stand to gain a better quality of life and previously unreached therapeutic benefits for their condition.

Some people may feel a bit strange or wrong when they consider the idea of visiting a Pennsylvania medical marijuana doctor, but they should not. verifies all physicians to make sure their practice is both legal and trustworthy. The entire process is safe, secure and in line HIPAA regulations.

You can look at the location, hours, reviews, delivery information and other details about the medical marijuana doctors in Pennsylvania. is an amazing resource for connecting you with a medical marijuana doctor with whom you can develop a lasting, caring relationship. Contact today to get started on the process of obtaining medical cannabis and getting the relief you deserve.

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