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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Oklahoma

Oklahoma voters approved of SQ 788 in June 2018, creating a medical marijuana program that lets patients medicate naturally. Under the program, patients must register for a medicinal cannabis card before buying or growing medicine. Read on to learn about marijuana-positive doctors and the patient experience in Oklahoma.

Official Qualifications for a Medical Cannabis Card

Oklahoma residents with eligible conditions may qualify for a standard medical marijuana card. Meanwhile, out-of-state visitors with medical cannabis cards from their home states can apply for a temporary license. Oklahoma doesn’t impose a list of qualifying conditions on doctors. Instead, they can recommend marijuana on the same basis as with any other medication.

The conditions that most often qualify for cannabis medicine include:

Why Search for a Marijuana-Friendly Physician?

Under the medical marijuana program, any Oklahoma-licensed doctor can recommend cannabis medication. However, some physicians suit medical cannabis patients better than others for reasons such as:

  • Bias: Oklahoma may have legal medical cannabis, but that doesn’t mean that every doctor will agree to recommend it to you. While some have legitimate medical reasons, plenty of others refuse because of stigma. A cannabis-positive doctor will evaluate you for treatment compassionately and fairly.
  • Specialized Experience: Cannabis-friendly doctors come from all sorts of disciplines. You can choose a general physician or find a specialist for your disorder. Our database includes information on each doctor’s field of expertise.
  • Expedited Application: Physicians can voluntarily sign up for a state medical marijuana database. Membership helps the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) process your application quickly.
  • Recommendations for Minors: Adult patients must get one recommendation for their application. But, the OMMA requires two of them for minor patients. A database like our own makes your search for two physicians fast and simple.

Telemedicine Appointments for Medical Marijuana

An Oklahoma-certified doctor can recommend cannabis medicine to you if they follow certain steps. Visit our Oklahoma telemedicine guide for more information.

Growing Your Own Medicine

Getting a medical marijuana license through your doctor and the OMMA lets you grow marijuana plants in private. You can have up to six mature plants and six seedlings at once. Only get your starter plants from a dispensary — any other source is illegal, including licensed growers. The growers must take their plants to a dispensary, and the dispensary then sells them to patients.

Buying Medicinal Cannabis

If you don’t have a green thumb, you also have the option of buying medical products from a dispensary. Everything sold at these providers comes from reputable businesses. You can find products like flower, edibles, concentrates and much more. The staff will advise you on what items suit your symptoms and lifestyle best.

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