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Medical Marijuana Doctors in New Jersey

Previously, all medical marijuana doctors in New Jersey must be registered with the state’s medical marijuana program before they can recommend marijuana as a treatment for patients with qualifying conditions. With legislative changes rolled out in March 2017, now any doctor in NJ can recommend medical marijuana to patients discretely. In addition, marijuana doctors in NJ are expected to begin the patient registration process by establishing a bona fide patient-physician relationship and completing registration online.

Doctors wishing to participate in New Jersey’s MMJ program must have an active NJ medical license — in good standing — issued by the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners, a controlled dangerous substance registration awarded by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and practice healthcare — i.e., have an office address — in the state of New Jersey.

A marijuana doctor in New Jersey can write a 30-, 60- or 90-day recommendation for patients eligible to use medical marijuana. At the end of the period, your physician must re-assess your condition to determine if you still meet the legal requirements. Patient registration is valid for two years. At the end of two years, patients need to be re-examined by their doctor and presented with a recommending statement. Physicians are responsible for updating patient certifications through the New Jersey MMJ online portal. New Jersey marijuana doctors listed on our website can recommend up to two ounces of medicinal cannabis per patient in one 30-day period. Debilitating conditions qualifying a person for treatment and/or symptom relief with medical marijuana include:

The NJ Department of Health awards licenses and enacts regulations regarding MMJ dispensary operations. Medical marijuana doctors in New Jersey write recommendations for patients to obtain medical cannabis at “Alternative Treatment Centers.” These centers are legally allowed to cultivate and offer medical marijuana for purchase by people with registry cards. Currently, legislature permits six non-profit Alternative Treatment Centers to operate in the state, or two in each region of New Jersey.

Additionally, doctors recommending medical cannabis in New Jersey can now suggest patients would benefit from using specific strains of cannabis that address different symptoms. In fact, New Jersey’s MMJ program has an online Medicinal Marijuana Strain Library available to physicians and registered patients providing lab testing results of over 65 marijuana strains.

New Jersey medical marijuana doctors listed on will remind patients of guidelines issued by the NJ Department of Health upon recommending medicinal cannabis. For example, caregivers and patients should carry an ID and their MMJ cards with them at all times, maintain MMJ in its original containers and only transport MMJ when absolutely necessary. Patients should also be aware that it is illegal in New Jersey for MMJ patients or caregivers to be in possession or grow marijuana plants. Medical marijuana must be obtained from a licensed Alternative Treatment Center.

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If you are interested in seeing a medical marijuana doctor in New Jersey, use our easy interface to find a physician and schedule an appointment. On our site, you will also find location information, business hours of many New Jersey marijuana doctors, cannabis delivery information and a handy telehealth portal to facilitate computer-based interaction with your doctor. Licensed New Jersey physicians will also find our portal solves the problem of communicating with eligible patients by only connecting them with patients who meet their state’s requirements and qualifications for compassionate care.

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