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Although voters in North Dakota approved medical marijuana initiative Measure 5 by an overwhelming 64 percent to 32 percent, North Dakota state legislature has yet to implement Measure 5. As of January of 2017, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana remains illegal to purchase or use in North Dakota. In fact, the ND Senate and House is considering delaying any action on Measure 5 until mid-summer. Numerous issues must be solved, such as an oversight of dispensaries, the allowable potency of cannabis, and the certification of physicians who wish to become a North Dakota medical marijuana doctor.

The majority of North Dakotans passed Measure 5, which included laws allowing residents to possess three ounces or less of medical marijuana and the choice of cultivating their own MMJ or purchasing it from state-licensed dispensaries.

Currently, North Dakota has not taken steps to decriminalize marijuana. Anyone found in possession of one gram of marijuana in ND may be fined $2000 and spend more than six months in jail.

Delay of initiating Measure 5 is expected to continue until July of 2017, so please check back with regularly to read updates regarding the legalization of medical marijuana in North Dakota, as well as information on accessing marijuana doctors in North Dakota.

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