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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Massachusetts

Medical marijuana in Massachusetts became legal, taxed and regulated for use by adults over 18 years old in November 2012. Although possession of marijuana is heavily decriminalized in this state — less than one ounce incurs a $100 civil fine — medical marijuana patients found in possession of cannabis purchased without a recommendation from a marijuana doctor in Massachusetts will be issued a ticket and fine.

The Act for the Humanitarian Medical Use of Marijuana (2012) allowed qualifying individuals to possess a 60-day supply of medical cannabis as long as that person could show they had received certification, or recommendation, from a licensed Massachusetts medical marijuana doctor registered with the MA Department of Public Health.

In addition, the Department continues to strongly recommend doctors consult with legal counsel affiliated with healthcare facilities with which they are associated concerning compliance regulations. MA medical marijuana physicians listed at are licensed doctors who are either medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy with active licenses and no restrictions to prescribing medications. They also have one or more established places of practice and hold a Controlled Substances Registration with the state of Massachusetts.

As of July 2014, physicians certified to write recommendations for Massachusetts medical marijuana patients must complete at least two Category One continuing professional development credits. This program offers information to marijuana doctors in Massachusetts regarding the medical use of cannabis, possible side effects, dosage amounts for specific conditions and contraindications involving other medications.

Qualifying conditions for which MMJ doctors can write recommendations include “debilitating” medical conditions including, but not limited to:

After keeping your appointment with one of the Massachusetts marijuana doctors listed on our site, you will receive a certification signed by your physician. An electronic document submitted online to the MMJ Online System, this certification essentially states that in your doctor’s professional opinion, the benefits of using medical marijuana by the patient indicated on the certification will “likely outweigh” any health risks currently posed by the patient’s debilitating condition. Be aware that physicians cannot register patients with Massachusetts’s Medical Use of Marijuana Program. If you need assistance with registering, contact the MMP for help with obtaining your ID card.

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If you are searching for medical marijuana doctors in Massachusetts to assist you in obtaining a registry ID card, you will find dozens of compassionate MMJ physicians at who believe cannabis is a viable and beneficial treatment option. We also provide locations, business hours, reviews and even delivery information concerning doctors and Massachusetts dispensaries. Millions of medical marijuana patients across the U.S. rely on our website for access to doctors who will review their medical history and write recommendations for them to be able to purchase medical marijuana legally.

For answers to questions you may have about the Massachusetts medical marijuana program or medical marijuana doctors in Massachusetts, please submit this form online.

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