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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Delaware

Medical Marijuana Use in Delaware

The Delaware Medical Marijuana Act, implemented by the Division of Public Health in Delaware, regulates the use of medical marijuana by Delaware residents with qualifying health conditions. Delaware medical marijuana doctors listed at are licensed to grant patients legal access to medical cannabis for the purpose of treating severe symptoms of conditions such as:

Getting a Medical Marijuana Certification in Delaware

The written certification that potential MMJ patients need from their Delaware marijuana doctor is a document signed and dated by the physician stating that the patient is more than likely to benefit from the palliative or therapeutic benefits afforded by smoking or consuming cannabis.

According to Delaware’s medical marijuana laws, written certifications can only be presented when a “bona fide patient-physician relationship exists…where the patient is clearly under the doctor’s care specifically for evaluating and treating the qualifying condition.”

In addition, recommendations from marijuana doctors in Delaware must contain detailed information about the patient’s medical condition, such as when symptoms first began, when the patient could no longer work and date of official diagnosis.

What Is a Bona Fide Doctor-Patient Relationship?

Contacting a Delaware medical marijuana doctor listed at as soon as possible is important to receive your recommendation in a timely manner. Before the Delaware Division of Health recognizes a patient’s need for medicinal cannabis, patients and their doctors must show a bona fide, clinical relationship exists between them. This means the doctor has fully evaluated the patient’s medical condition and medical history by completing an in-person interview with the patient regarding their symptoms and past treatment protocols.

Additionally, the doctor must have maintained meticulous documentation of the patient’s past and current health condition in accordance with standards accepted by state and federal healthcare regulations. Finally, a marijuana doctor in Delaware should expect they will provide future care to patients using medical marijuana as a way to assess efficacy of cannabis to relieve severe symptoms.

Currently, patients given recommendations by a physician practicing in Delaware can obtain medical marijuana from a “compassion center” in Wilmington. The Delaware Department of Health and Human Services expects at least one more compassion center to open in Delaware within the next year.

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