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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Arizona

Medical Marijuana Use in Arizona

Implemented in 2010, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMJA) oversees the medical marijuana industry in Arizona. Licensing for Arizona medical marijuana doctors is provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services, which also governs the operation of over 100 medical cannabis dispensaries in Arizona.

To qualify for medical marijuana, Arizona residents must register with the ADHS and receive a registry ID card (Green Card) allowing them to purchase medical marijuana at a licensed dispensary.

Requirements for Obtaining an Arizona Medical Marijuana Green Card

Before a person can receive their ID card, a certified Arizona marijuana doctor must diagnose potential MMJ patients with a qualifying disease or disorder. These conditions include:

If you are an Arizona resident who thinks they may qualify for medical marijuana, you will need to contact an Arizona medical marijuana doctor who will provide necessary exams and tests to diagnose your condition. In addition, marijuana doctors in Arizona can also help you through the process of receiving your Green Card and eventually purchasing medical cannabis from a dispensary. Registering for an Arizona Green Card costs about $300 and must be renewed every year.

More Information About the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMJA)

All MMJ dispensaries in Arizona are nonprofit entities that deliver, cultivate and/or sell medical cannabis and other cannabis-related products to designated caregivers and patients with recommendations from Arizona medical marijuana doctors. In addition to having a license awarded by the Arizona Department of Human Services, Arizona medical marijuana dispensaries must also have an Arizona-licensed doctor (Medical Director) on staff.

To become a designated caregiver, you must have a registry ID card issued by the ADHS that allows caregivers to cultivate and dispense marijuana for medicinal purposes for no more than five patients. To qualify as a designated caregiver, you must be at least 21 years old, must have no drug felony convictions on your record and submit to a fingerprint background check. Designated caregivers can only provide medical cannabis to patients who have been recommended to receive it by a certified Arizona medical marijuana doctor.

Medical Marijuana Use in Arizona

Arizona also has certain rules regarding the use of medical marijuana. For example, you cannot smoke or consume medical marijuana in public areas such as parks, stores and public transportation vehicles. Adult daycare facilities may adopt rules that allow the use of medical cannabis at their centers. Medical marijuana patients may be charged with an OVI if they are found driving under the influence of marijuana. Finally, employers cannot penalize employees who are legally using medical marijuana if a drug test finds THC in their system. provides a comprehensive list of all verified medical marijuana doctors in Arizona as well as Arizona MMJ dispensaries. Medical cannabis users can check each listing to view location, business hours, delivery information, customer reviews and other information pertinent to obtaining superior medical cannabis in Arizona. We also offer telehealth services for those who want to interact online with an Arizona marijuana doctor.

To receive answers to any questions you have about scheduling an appointment with one of our MMJ doctors, submit an online form today, and we’ll get back with you within 24 hours.

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