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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Alaska

Alaska’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical marijuana in Alaska has been legal since 1998. However, Ballot Measure 8 and Senate Bill 94 legalizing the recommendation of medical cannabis by certified Alaska medical marijuana doctors did not establish rules regarding dispensaries. Consequently, medical marijuana patients and designated caregivers were permitted to cultivate up to six marijuana plants for medicinal use.

In late 2014, Ballot Measure 2 passed that gave the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board of Alaska the responsibility of establishing regulations regarding the initiation of commercialized marijuana dispensaries. The ABC Board of Alaska started issuing licenses to marijuana facilities in May 2016. Regulations regarding licensing of Alaska marijuana doctors have remained the same following passage of Ballot Measure 8 and Senate Bill 94.

Requirements for Marijuana Consumption in Alaska

To smoke or consume medical marijuana, you must have a valid ID card and be enrolled in the Alaska patient registry. A marijuana doctor in Alaska must diagnose you with one or more of the following qualifying conditions before you can obtain an MMJ card:

When applying for Alaska MMJ cards, patients must submit a signed, original statement written by a certified Alaska medical marijuana doctor that indicates the doctor has diagnosed the person with a qualifying condition. The Alaska Department of Health does not accept photocopies of such statements.

More Information About Alaska Medical Marijuana Doctors and MMJ Laws

People with medicinal cannabis recommendations provided by Alaska medical marijuana doctors are allowed to possess up to one ounce of marijuana or six plants — only three can be mature. Designated caregivers must be at least 21 years old, present no felony drug convictions and be listed by a medical marijuana patient as their alternate or primary caregiver.

Since recreational marijuana is also legal in Alaska, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana users will soon be able to purchase cannabis at the same dispensaries. Laws governing the use of medical and recreational marijuana are essentially the same. For example, smoking or using marijuana is not permitted in public places or on federal land. Also, you can be charged with an OVI if caught driving while under the influence of marijuana. Leaving Alaska while in possession of medical or recreational marijuana is also illegal.

To access a complete list of Alaska marijuana doctors and operational dispensaries, please check for the latest information regarding certified physicians and licensed commercial marijuana facilities. We also provide location, business hours, delivery information, customer reviews of marijuana doctors in Alaska, a telehealth portal to interact with your doctor and other details so you can be sure to receive top grade medical cannabis in Alaska.

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